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About Paul Keith

From day one our business ethic has been to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated, remember we're customers too.

To guarantee this we adopted a simple but effective mind set... We imagine your new costume is being created for our daughter, as you can appreciate if it's not good enough for my daughter it's not good enough for yours. Simple but effective,

We know your new Irish Dance Costume is probably one of the most important things in your dancing life, that's why at Paul Keith your new (PK) costume is personally created by Paul Keith himself.

Based in Kent, we have our finger on the pulse of new and rapidly changing trends in Irish dance costumes.

With a number of Irish dancing teachers as both friends and customers we can be sure of keeping our product at the FORFRONT OF FASHION. Ensuring our costumes have that certain something, helping dancers reap the benefits from years of hard training.

At Paul Keith, Quality, Service, Reliability and Prompt delivery times, come as standard, that's why When you own a dress by Paul Keith you are arguably wearing, SIMPLY THE BEST Irish Dance Costume your money can buy.

"Where (PK) customers come before profit"
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