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Hello Paul,

Just had to drop you a line having taken collection of Laura's second dress. It is at times like this you realise how inadequate the English language really is. How can we begin to thank you. The beauty of the dress is truly amazing. The choice of colour, the intricate needle work, the complexity of the pattern is fantastic. I have no idea how you even begin to construct such a garment, the results however are awesome. I asked Laura how she felt wearing it, she replied " Dad, I am a princess ". To which I replied " don't you mean you feel like a princess". To which she brusquely said, " No I am a princess in this dress". Point to dads, don't argue with your daughter wearing a Paul Keith creation ? You will loose. A proud day indeed, and it's all thanks to your hard work, vision, and attention to detail. Your tireless efforts are appreciated. If there are any other parents out there wondering where to go for a new dress for their child, they should seriously consider Paul Keith's collection of perfection. For as you told us Paul, if it's not good enough for your daughter ( she is beautiful, she gets that from her mum, no offence Paul ) it's not good enough for mine. A simple sentiment, heart felt and appreciated. Thank you again Paul, your creativity is unbelievable, the results speak for themselves. You are a master craftsman. We look forward to other stunning creations, made by yourself, created for our wee Laura Jane. They just get better and better. We would never dream of going anywhere else. Why have a burger when you've already tasted the steak.

Take care....Love to all your family...........The MacNeil Clan.........London

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