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Class Costumes to suit every budget.
Q. Are your class designs Bespoke?
A. Yes, all class designs are bespoke and will be individual to your class only.
Q. If we place an order for our new class costumes, will Paul Keith create our new class design for free?
A. Yes we will happily create an individual new class design for you at no cost...However in return, Class designs created by Paul Keith will remain ©copyright and the property of Paul Keith...We Forbid future designers/ dressmakers using our designs without our ageement.
Q. Is there a discount available for large orders & will there be a minimum quantity for my first order?
A. Yes, we'll offer a 5% discount for orders of 10 costumes or more...& we'll require a minimum first order of 6 costumes.
Bespoke Class Costumes
The ultimate level in class costume...

Have your new class costumes created from start to finish.

We'll develop a totally new and original class design based on your ideas, then incorporate your choice of fabrics and colours.

or contact us with your ideas for your new costume...
Choose a design for your next class costume...


Select a new class costume from our range of designs & prices.

Then select your Fabric colour, applique, lining and threads.

Have your existing class costume reproduced ...


Contact us for details.


Why not have Paul Keith make your existing class costumes to our high standards.

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