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We are extremely pleased to take this opportunity to thank those customers for taking the time to send us their kind and heart felt comments, we will do our best to include as many as we can.

You continue to make this experience worth while.



We just had to write to you to thank you for all your hard work and genius in creating what can only be described as a work of art. Laura Jane's new dress is breathtaking in it's creativity and combination of colour. Several other parents have commented on the dress, which we show with pride (well we did mention you were a fellow Scot) and have passed on your details as they, like ourselves, only want the best danceware for our children. The quality and
workmanship in the dress is second to none, and we have no hesitation in recommending your work to others. The whole Irish dance community is fortunate that you continue to work tirelessly producing, like we said in the outset, works of art, which is not only enjoyed by the lucky owner, but for other's to admire. We will definately be in touch when her next dress is
required.Kindest Regards

Don, Pauline & Laura Jane

Hi Paul,
Jus thtought I would share this latest picture of Katie and her friend, Laura Morchel. Katie's dress is going on a year old is has been worn to feis, shows and parades and only shows slight signs of wear and still fits her like a dream. I still recommend you to anyone who will listen. You have proven to be one of Irish Dancing's greatest values.

Thanks a bunch,



We received the dress today, and we are absolutely thrilled with it!! The quality and workmanship is second to none and it fits beautifully. Your pictures on your website do not do these dresses justice.
When she outgrows this dress, which I sure hope won't be for a while, we will definitely be back....we are taking the dress to class on Saturday to show everyone.

Thanks again
Kristin and Casey

Dear Paul and Ann,

I got my dress today! It is even better than I imagined it could be. It fits perfectly,the colours are fantastic - I don't know what else to say. I am completely delighted with it. What a treat to find it waiting for me when I got home from school! It made my day! Im so thrilled! Thank you for all your hard work and help. I was never worried going through your company- it was a pleasure getting my dress from you. I will recommend your work to everyone I can!:) Thank you again!!!
All the best,


Paul & Ann,

Here is the picture of Chloe as promised, taken just moments before her first Oireachtas competition. She looked so beautiful in her new dress it took our breath away. We received too many compliments to count and I believe we gave your web address to every single one!
It was such a pleasure corresponding with you, and I can't thank you enough for making the "perfect" dress for our daughter. It felt good to have something special to look forward to during the past months, with all the sadness and uncertainty around us it was a very positive experience we will always remember.
We wish you continued success and will HIGHLY recommend your wonderful dresses to everyone we can. Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you both.

Candis & Douglas

The new costume arrived yesterday in the post. It is fab. It fits perfectly. She loves it. It is actually nicer than we expected. The colours are not shown on full effect on the computer. I am really pleased.


Dear Paul and Ann,

Thank you so much for my new dress.I just got it today. Its SPECTACULAR!!!!!! I dont know what to think of it ,a masterpiece or just plain perfect.I dont think I will ever trade another dress or buy another one again.Well, maybe until I grow out of this one and get another one of your Fabulous dresses.I Hope to soon get a picture of myself in my dress.We will be looking on your website for a dress for my younger sister just as wonderful as mine.


Dear Ann and Paul...

The costume is amazing!!! I don't know exactly how to describe it, I'm sure you've heard it before, but there is a unique quality to your designs that really sets them apart. Molly is over the moon...and her sister Sonja says it is her alltime favorite solo soon as she moves up, she'll be your next costumer!!! I also appreciate what a pleasure it has been dealing with you...we will certainly be back in the future. In the meantime, we will enjoy the dress, and will send you a picture of Molly in it. Thanks again...Sincerely, Kris


Dear Paul,

Thank you for Erin and Faine's costumes they are beautiful and the girls love them. Thanks again for all your hard work.


Dear Paul,

We can't thank you enough for Laura's dress it's beautiful.

Mrs Nicholls

Received Laura's dress yesterday. Thank you so much it is absolutely beautiful and it looks fantastic on her, we are very pleased. We will be using you again. I have attached a picture of her in it so you can see what it looked like on her.

Many thanks again

New dress finally arrives! One very excited little girl leaping and hopping across the room. We are very impressed with the quality of construction and feel that the dress is an incredible bargain at the
price. We will have professional photos made soon, and I would like to send you a print at that time. I will not hesitate to recommend your work to anyone looking for a solo costume. Again, thank-you very much


Hi Ann and Paul:

Kristen's dress came last night and she is thrilled!! The web site does not do it justice. She had dance class last night and her dance teacher (Laureen O'Neill-James) thought it was absolutely stunning. At the end of class, Laureen stated that Kristen danced as if she was on cloud nine. She also said it made Kristen look more mature (for her age). As I told you before, she is very small for her age (she will be 12 next month).

I know she will get plenty of wear out of the dress - Thank you so very much!!



Dear Paul,

Thank you, Thank you!! Jamie and I are thrilled with her new solo dress! It arrived last Thursday and I have been meaning to write you since then. It fits her perfectly and she loves the colors. We have taken it to her studio and everyone was very complimentary. She will be wearing it for the first time next weekend, I hope to be able to send you a picture of her in it soon.

Thank you again,


Dear Paul,
I am writing to thank you for my beautiful dress that you made for me.
My teacher and friends at dancing have admired it. They are all very impressed with the finishing and the embroidery. Mum also sends her thanks and we both hope to see you at one of the feiseanna soon, to thank you in person.
Thanks again,

Love, Sarah

Dear Ann:

The dress came on Tuesday and it is absolutely gorgeous! It fits perfectly and has just enough room for some growth. We are so pleased and thrilled.
Bridget completely loves it and we have some shows this weekend and she can't wait to show it off. The lining with the gold and purple is lovely and the
plaid lining is Bridget's favorite part. She says it is so soft and not itchy. I am so glad that the piping is gold, it makes the dress really pop!
Plum would not have been as beautiful. So glad that you had final say, it is perfect. We are so happy with it! We will send you a picture after this
weekend. Thank you again for another perfect dress.
Thanks again we are so happy with the dress.


Hi, Ann--I couldn't believe it, but the dress arrived this morning around 8:45!! Caitlin was at school, so we waited to open it until she came home. We were all so thrilled--the dress is gorgeous! It fits perfectly! Thank you so much. It was indeed a pleasure to do business with you.
Eileen, Tom, and Caitlin
Hi Ann,

Well, I'm so relieved that you have received the check. Meg just tried the dress on for me and danced a bit. It is truly beautiful. We've looked a
dozens of dresses in the last year and the work and design on this dress are outstanding! I know people will ask about the dress, so I'm going to print
littls slips with your web address on them. She's going to be a dazzling advertisement for you! It has been a pleasure cooresponding with you and
doing business with you.


Dear Ann,

The dress arrived at my mother's house safe and sound and we picked it up late this evening when we returned from our trip to Texas. It is absolutely gorgeous! And it fits perfectly. It really looks beautiful on Tessa - we will have to send a photo so you can see for yourself. We are really very happy. Thanks again for all of your help in selecting the perfect dress for Tessa. The expression on her face the moment she saw it and again when she put it on for the first time made all of the effort worthwhile. It is truly a work of art.


It arrived this morning at 10am it is absolutely gorgeous, it fits, it looks more beautiful in person than in the picture on the computer! The colours are wonderful- this dress will stand out! The plaid lining of the bodice is very nice as well as the gold and glitterball under-skirt. It was worth the wait to purchase a new dress. I would recommend a PK dress to anyone- when we are able to get a professional photo taken, we will send you some pictures. Thank you so much for your service and we have had a good experience working with you to have a new stunning solo dress made!
Kind Regards:
Hi Ann,
We received the dress on Saturday and we love it. It fits well and as you mentioned there is a little growing room in the bodice. Thank you very much for everything.


Thank you for checking; I have been meaning to email you.

We received the costume, and everyone thinks it is beautiful. It fits Katie perfectly, and she loves it. Her teacher is Patti Ann Ranum of the Healy School of Irish Dance in San Francisco, and Patti Ann said that it is the best Paul Keith costume she has seen. Katie has worked very hard to prepare for the Oireachtas this coming weekend, and this costume is adding to her confidence level. Thank you again, and I apologize for the delay in telling you it had arrived and how pleased we are.

Best regards,
Rick & Kim

Dear Ann and Paul,

The dress arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is more beautiful than we imagined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fit is perfect--just as if Heather had been there every step of the way.
She cannot wait to wear it at the Oireachtas-- Heather especially loves the lining under the skirt and the scalloped hem. We saw another dress that you made at the Charlotte Feis in October. It was so gorgeous that I knew that we were in for a treat with ours. We are completely satisfied with our purchase--be ready for more orders after
Heather's friends see her dress!


Karen and Heather


Thanks so much for Amy's dress, it is really beautiful and fits lovely. Her teacher came over to us to see the dress and said it was absolutely lovely. When we attend the next feis I will take a photograph of her in the dress and send it to you.

Regards, Mary

Ann and Paul,
The dress was held up in customs for 1 day but we did get it last Friday morning and Lindsey wore it for the feis the next day. The dress is amazing and Lindsey loves it! The picture on the internet did not do it justice. Lindsey danced so well and is attributing her success to her beautiful new dress. We received many compliments and I was sure to mention your name to everyone who enquired. I hope to send you a picture of Lindsey in the dress at her first Oireachtas next month. Thank you, thank you, thank you! When my other daughter is ready for her dress, we'll be contacting you!


She received the dress yesterday and I've been told it fits perfectly and the colors are exactly what they wanted. Everything about it is wonderful!
Thank you so much for all of your help. I have been extremely pleased with how easy the whole process has been. To find a new dress in the colors she
wanted and have it in hand in a matter of weeks was amazing.

Thanks again for everything!


The dress arrived in the mail yesterday, to say my daughter was thrilled with it was an understatement. She also happened to have dancing class last
night and the teachers and all the dancers also loved it. Thank you for another beautiful dress and wonderful experience. I let everyone know how
wonderful you are to work with and if they need a new dress they should look at your website.


Mary Ellen

Dear Ann & Paul.

One word................WOW!! I had been out of town, but the dress was received on Monday. My husband put it away until I came home yesterday. Christine and I nervously opened the bag and before I could even see the dress she began shouting, "It's beautiful! I love it!"

It is beautiful! You outdid yourselves. We did not think you could top your last dress, but you did. And the proof of this is the reaction we got from Patrick Butler, Christine's teacher. He is very pleased. He kept telling us we could not get a dress to match the last one you made, but he agrees this one is nicer and the colors complement Christine better.

It looks lovely on, too. Once again, Thanks for all your time and help.

Terry and Christine
Dear Paul and Ann
Thank you heaps for the headgear. It just arrived today, and its even better than we expected.I cant wait to wear it! I really appreciate you sending this one after the other one was lost. When I outgrow the dress I have at the moment, I hope Mum will buy me another Paul Keith dress. Thank you again.

We received the dress on Saturday and we are so pleased!!! It is absolutely beautiful and looks great on Katie. The quality and workmanship are superb!! We are so happy we bought it. Thank you again for everything. You do beautiful work and I will certainly recommend you to others.

It has been a pleasure working with you.

Sincerely, Anne

Dear Ann,
The dress arrived today. I was sooooo excited and feel spectacular in it. It is very well made and looks great. The fit is good, too. I can't wait
to wear it to the next competition! Thanks for making me a very special costume.

I'm sending pictures for you to see.

Thanks again, Molly

Dear Ann and Paul

Erin and Katie's costumes arrived yesterday. They are absolutely fabulous. The colours and the embroidery are beautiful. I will recommend you to everyone. Super costumes and great service.

Dear Ann,

Dress arrived today absolutly great.
My daughter Cara was dancing in it from the time the postman arrived 7am.

Thanks, another lovely dress.
As promised, here is a picture of Emily in the dress. It brought her great luck!! She got 2nd place in her slip jig special and here she is with her awesome trophy. She was on cloud nine that day!!

p.s. the bag arrived last week....thanks!!
Just wanted to let you know that the dress arrived over the weekend. It looks fantastic! It is much different from the majority of the dresses we've seen at Maryann's Feis's, and I think it will really stand out in competition. Maryann had 8-hand practice for an upcoming Oireachtas yesterday, and she showed the dress to her teacher and the other girls. They thought it was great!!

We will send you photos of her in her new dress as soon as we take some.

The way she's growing, I'm sure we'll be contacting you for another dress before too long. Thanks very much.

Dear Ann and Paul,

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to send you this photo of Caitlin in her solo dress. I do want you to know that the dress was a big hit. The first time she wore it in Austin Texas there were even men coming up to her and telling her how much they liked her dress. The red just glimmers. Everyone who sees her in it compiments her. There has not been one who has not loved the color combo and the fact that she looks so great in the red and white. Thank you for all of your help, past and present! Kindest regards, Michele and Caitlin

hi anne and paul

here is a photo of keeley in her new dress, when she seen it on christmas day she nearly had a heart attack, she was crying we all were. it is absolutaley beautiful she cant stop looking at it thanks for the hard work you put into it and getting it finished for chritmas.

thanks again from lisa and keeley

Dear Paul Keith,

I'm sorry it took so long to write to you about my new dress. I just wanted to tell you that this dress has given me so much luck and confidence on stage! Everyone comments on how lovely the purple is next to my hair and eyes! At my second feis in this dress I got 4 first places, a fourth and a seventh(set)! Now all of my dances are in open and I am placing top three at every feis! My dress couldn't have come at a better time!

Thank you so much,


The dress arrived this afternoon! It couldn’t have been better timing!

Rebecca is thrilled with the dress! She loves how the end of the sleeves are lined with the satin this time, how you selected pink and turquoise for the lining, and that you selected silver for the pleats….and of course she loves the fact that she has room to breathe in the dress! The dress has plenty of growth room, which is fine and what I had hoped for this time around. We just came back from a dance out at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, so of course she wore the dress, and it looked lovely on stage. She also has a feis tomorrow! I will take some pictures of her tomorrow at the feis and send them to you so you can see how the dress looks on her.

Thank you! Lisa

Dear Ann and Paul,

I am writing to thank you both for Tara's new dress, the dress arrived yesterday and we are delighted with it, the dress is beautiful and Tara is so thrilled with it I have never seen her so excited.
The design and colours are perfect I am so pleased that I took your advice and had the sequins they make the dress really stand out and we cannot wait for the next feis at the end of January so Tara can wear it for the first time.
I have to say the workmanship is first class and I will certainly be recommending Paul Keith to other dancers at Tara's school.

Once again many thanks, have a great Christmas and all the very best.

Maureen and Tara


Thank you so much for sending the dress early it took a lot off my shoulders. I absolutely love the way it came out and it looks great on as well. It was wonderful to work with you and I will definatly be recomending you to everyone looking for a dress. Thank you so much you made this a very fast easy and pleasent experience.
Never ending thanks,

Hi Ann,

Well, what can I say - another beautiful costume! We are all absolutely delighted with Amy's new costume Ann, it is a real triumph on Paul Keith's part. The quality is outstanding, really it is a charming costume. Your appliques and piping are of such a high standard, as usual. The shawl is absolutely lovely, the lining gorgeous. We have already been to see the teacher this afternoon, who highly praised the costume. She said Amy looked very elegant and the colours really suit her. I personally think these colours are going to look great on stage, especially under lighting.

It is wonderful to see how a custom made costume turns out, from the original pattern, uncoloured, to the finished costume which matches so closely to the coloured version we finally sent in to you.

The costume is more lovely than we expected, it is hard to imagine how they will turn out, when they are custom made because we cannot see the finished product on screen as in pre-cut readymade, and it is very exciting waiting to see the end result. Amy will always have fond memories of her lovely pre-cut jade silk though, that has always been a lovely costume and of course we were thrilled with Emily's custom made when that arrived.

I will be in touch Ann, and thanks once again. T H A N K S!!

Kind regards,
Hi Anne!

We got the dress a few weeks ago! It's absolutely beautiful! It fits perfectly! I can't wait to wear it at the next feis! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Dear Paul,

Thanks for the dress, i love it!! The dress fits perfect. I just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful dress.


Dear Ann and Paul

Thank you for the beautiful dress , it arrived this morning .It looks wonderful on me and my sister. My mum and dad are very happy with it and think I look lovely in it. I think i'll be shopping at your site again. Bye for now

Hi Ann

Just wanted to let you know we received the dress safe and sound yesterday. It is absolutely gorgeous. Caitlin and her teachers saw it for the first time last night and Caitlin modeled it for the entire dance class. It looks lovely under the lighting
Thank you so much and it has been a pleasure dealing with you and Paul over the last few months.

Hi, we just got the dress. My daughter fits it perfectly, it is so wonderful and we are both thrilled with the dress, the service, and all of your help. Thank you so much for everything. We are considering having another dress made from you later, and will surely recommend you to other. Thanks again,


Dear Paul and Ann,

I know when we picked up Robyn's dress this morning I said how wonderful it is but it really is beautiful. Thankyou for getting it completed so quickly, she just can't wait now for the next feis and a chance to really show it off.

All I can say is that you were both so helpful and it really was a pleasure to deal with you from start to finish. This is the first time Robyn has had a brand new solo dress but now I don't think I would go anywhere else.

Thankyou again for all your help


Nancy and Robyn
Hi Paul
Thank you so much for making the dress for me, it is beautiful and it fits perfect. The colours are lovely, just how i wanted it, and better. I danced in in today and got a 1st place in my slip jig, making me intermedaite in another dance aswell.
Best wishes
p.s we will send you a picture of the dress as soon as we get one.
Thanks again.
Hi Ann,
Perfect timing! The dress arrived here yesterday at 5:00pm - just before we had to leave for a few St. Patrick's Day shows - and allowing just enough time for Kylie to change. The dress is beautiful, and fits her very well. Thank you so much for the fine workmanship you have put into the dress. She received several compliments from her fellow dancers (and of course her proud parents!). Kylie absolutely loves the dress!

We will highly recommend your services, and am sure that we will be purchasing more as Kylie outgrows this one.

Kind Regards,
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